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ADH/D was formed in 2011 after a high school buddy joked to a group of friends that he wanted to create a rap album. Their friends weren’t serious, but Audacious Demetrius Hall and Donadon were. Their mission was clear – they needed to increase their rap knowledge and seriously hone their skills so they could release a hip hop album and obtain their ultimate goal — to earn a place in the global Hip Hop community.

It took until the end of 2012 for Demetrius and Donadon to begin recording; soon after, they created their first mixtape, Blues of the Modern Day Vol. 1 (March 2013). Currently, ADH/D is working on their second mixtape, Conversations, and will release Elevator Music EP, their first original project, in 2014.

ADH/D takes influences from a range of hip hop artists, including A Tribe Called Quest, Outkast, Pro Era, and Odd Future. They compare their sound to that of Native Tongues.

Audacious Demetrius Hall

The producer half of this enterprising duo (he occasionally adds his MC skills to tracks), Audacious Demetrius Hall (ADH), was born in Warner Robins, GA in 1996. Known for his multi-faceted production style, this young, talented multi-instrumentalist combines his love of classic rock, heavy metal, and 80’s music to create original hip-hop compositions that evoke elements of 90’s Golden Era jazzy boom bap and futuristic-style soundscapes.


Donadon (D) is the vocal half of this dynamic duo. Born in Georgia in 1996 and raised in the Atlanta area, Donadon was brought up on the influences of 90’s hip hop and R&B. Initially, he was heavily inspired by rappers Eminem, 50 Cent, and Dr. Dre, but expanded his repertoire to include southern influences like Outkast, TI, and UGK. His conversational lyricism and introspective content belies his age and keeps the listener engaged without relying on gimmicks.


Blues of the Modern Day Vol. 1

(March 2013)