Founded & Curated by Brett Eclectic

We release a diversity of sound including Electro, Boogie, Modern & Future Funk, Grind Music, Electronica, Hip Hop, Synthwave, Ambient, Alternative R&B, Electro-Soul, Experimental & Instrumental/Beats projects.

…no format here…just music with a feel…that real in ur ear Sneer


Read Brett Eclectic’s album release feature on Funkadelic Threads

November 10, 2017

Check out Funkadelic Threads’ write-up of Brett Eclectic’s new release, The Funktorium Archives.

Brett Eclectic: The Funktorium Archives

The latest release from Brett Eclectic is a remastered collection of previously released singles and demos.

Available now on Amazon, Apple Music, BandcampSpotify, Tidal and other online stores.

Brett Eclectic: The Funktorium Archives

Digital mp3 files



Altered Gee: Rise From Yr Grave

Purchase the reissue of Altered Gee’s 7-track modern funk instrumental 2012 limited edited vinyl.

First-time digital album also available now on AmazonBandcamp, iTunes/Apple MusicSpotify, and other online stores.

Altered Gee: Rise From Yr Grave

Vinyl reissue