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We release a diversity of sound including Electro, Boogie, Modern & Future Funk, Grind Music, Electronica, Hip Hop, Synthwave, Ambient, Alternative R&B, Electro-Soul, Experimental & Instrumental/Beats projects.

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Sneer Funk: Sneer Record’s new Funk-focused compilation is available now

Sneer Funk, Sneer Records

For our first Funk-focused compilation we curated 12 unique cuts representing the ever-evolving genre by artists from across the planet. These areas include Tel Aviv, Isreal (Kali Boog), Atlanta, GA (Meko, Onda1 & Brett Eclectic), Portland, ME (Altered Gee), Asheville, NC (Kazz) & various parts of California (McGutter, Modern Modern, Zackey Force Funk & Throwback Zack).

Kali Boog sets the vibe in motion with his quest for some dance floor company on his cut Wanna Hollar. Over stompin’ drums laced with percussion that pops in & out of portals over a tight bass line, he lets the lady of his attention know his cool intentions with his vocoder coated vocals.

On Let’s Go Party, Meko extends an ill lyrical invitation for u to move over a backyard boogie G-Funk groove provided by Throwback Zack with a vocal assist on the hook from Brett Eclectic.

Modern Modern offers a slice of penthouse plush sophistifunk with OuttaMyHead. Jineanne laments the one who got away with captivating smoothness on a hypnotic bed of warped synths & laid back bass provided by Dadpnts. This is from their soon to be released debut EP, OuttaMyHead.

Kali Boog & Brett Eclectic debut their group project, Ozmozian, with the O-Funk thump that is Late Night Boogie. Eclectic along with Ida Bailey make the call for u to get up off ur ass on some Kali made nocturnal boogie that features a blazing guitar solo by JP Patterson. After forming online the duo recorded together in NYC & created this song as part of their forthcoming 2 part album, Everything Is/Not Your Everyday. Listen to a preview here: www.ozmozian.com

Bright Boy makes a plea for relationship sanity on Crazy Erryday with his freestyle formed, soul-drenched voice over a self-created jam that features bouncy keys & hard-hitting snares live from the mothership.

McGutter & Brett Eclectic team up to create some frantic, cybersonic funk on I Don’t Know Why. McGutter’s relentless beat moves like a charging train while Brett adds guitar licks, stabs of synth & vocals that float on this nonstop throw down.

For Now finds Onda1 pondering the present aloud over a wave of cosmic synths & crackin’ slaps as he floats through his inner galaxy propelled by a need to further his mind & the Funk.

Roach Dad rides through as the Man In Black in a tricked out land speeder with a dub-laced joint that burns slow, bumps heavy & keeps ur head on nod.

In a conversation, Brett Eclectic asked Teal Child if he could make a purple music inspired cut for him to sing on & 40 minutes later Teal sent him this way funky, laid-back cut he made on his own from scratch. B.E. added some of his chill vocals & voila, u get Ask 4 It.

Kazz lays down a boogie banger with Lushus. This cat knows how to get down on the keys which is shown well here & why he was at one point the apprentice of synth lord, Mandre’. He carries on the tradition proudly, but with his own groovestic touch.

Brett Eclectic & Zackey Force Funk serve up some ultra funk on their collabo, Ultimate Freak Delight. Eclectic handles all the instrumentation (each part played in one pass) & the hook while Zackey adds his patented Force Funk style to the verses on this cut that came together thanks to the coolness of McGutter.

We round out the funky ride with Altered Gee’s anthemic number Fade Away. Over a driving house accented funk piece created by Teal Child & Roach Dad, Bright Boy lets loose about holding on to love. We end on that note & the one.

This compilation is available at Sneerrecords.bandcamp.com or your favorite digital store.
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Open: Latest EP from Brett Eclectic

Check out Brett Eclectic’s latest EP, recorded over the course of 1 month. Includes four cuts of funk–split into two instrumental and two vocal tracks.

Available at Sneerrecords.bandcamp.com or your favorite digital store.


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November 10, 2017

This is not your papa’s classic throwback; this is conscious lyrics over driving groove instrumentation akin electronic dance production.

Check out Funkadelic Threads’ write-up of Brett Eclectic’s new release, The Funktorium Archives, available at Sneerrecords.bandcamp.com or your favorite digital store.

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Brett Eclectic: The Funktorium Archives

The latest release from Brett Eclectic is a remastered collection of previously released singles and demos.

Available now on Amazon, Apple Music, BandcampSpotify, Tidal and other online stores.

Brett Eclectic: The Funktorium Archives

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