Teal Child

Born and raised in Portland, Maine the “young prince” began as a guitar strumming, blue eye soul singing ‘tween in a psych-rock group, taking any show before curfew. Hanging around and breaking it down really opened the doors to a lifestyle centering around creative pursuits and the search for a purposeful existence. Being intuitively talented beyond his years with an eager curiosity and insane work ethic, he soon turned his Midas touch towards keyboards, mashing his many mentors’ musical sensibilities with his own ability to recreate his inner visions on outboard gear. Tuned into a world of psych and kraut rock, classic r&b and funk, hip-hop experimental and traditional, ambient noise and trap anthems, his palette grew with his chops.

After a decade of attack and decay, a synth lord was born. I mean, the dude could squeeze a sound from the silence of space. Using anything within arms reach, he harnesses the latent potential from toys to serious gear, never stopping much to differentiate. Impromptu gigs with the lo-fi battery powered Casiotone he kept in his messenger bag. Monophonic, low register bass from the foot pedals of a Moog Taurus played by hand while sitting Indian style on the floor. Days straight lacing soaring and psychedelic synthesizer soul with sprinkles of seil chords like 8bit sparklers. Still kills anything with strings and is adept at using an analog recording studio as an instrument, but the party people are what he’s patiently preparing for. Using 2 multitrack cassette recorders and a mic, he and his crew got many floors filled with feet playing sets drenched in a sound experience like a damp biodome and he’s just getting warmed up.