Altered Gee

Time tempered by strange Maines’ isolated pressure cooker of a music scene, this trio of seasoned players can turn up the heat on the dance floor or cool your inner core. Pushing a Modern Funk style all their own through the cones, these guys are steeped in a deep and wide range of influence and inspired by the obvious and the odd. This reflects in their eclectic, archaic and smokey tape delayed dubs, cassette saturated and cascading synth colours, syncopated rhythm layers greased with the vintage sleeze of OG 80s samplers and drum machines, damp and dreamy vocal riffs easily drifting from falsetto wail to awestriking whisper. It’s sophisticated and sultry beats for the freakniks and forefathers. Sci-fi soundtrack laced trap symphonies to the funkin’ face. Melting melodies that matrix down the inside of your eyelids, being bounced by breaks on a bed of bass, baby. Contemporary, yet ancient as the mothership. Don’t sleep.


Altered Gee Live from the Funktorium


First-time digital album also available now on AmazonBandcamp, iTunes/Apple MusicSpotify, and other online stores.

Altered Gee, Rise From Yr Grave vinyl album

Altered Gee: Rise From Yr Grave

Vinyl album