Hohokam Sessions: Latest release from DADPNTS

DADPNTS, a Central Coast California native, delivers to us his second solo album and first on Sneer Records, titled “Hohokam Sessions”. This 10 track EP, recorded while on vacation, offers a creative glimpse into the mind and influences of this aspiring producer. Armed with nothing but an MPC, an SP404, and a cell phone, DADPNTS uses a minimalist approach to weave together a tapestry of chunky bass-lines, shimmering synth sounds, and groovin’ drums. From the first song, “Red Dust”to the last song “4XX”, he transports the listener on journey guaranteed to awaken the senses. 

For those that don’t know, DADPNTS (Joel DeLeon) is one half of the 
funky duo, Modern Modern who released their debut EP, OuttaMyHead, on Sneer Records earlier this year. Inspired by the old and the new, DADPNTS meshes together an unmistakable sound all his own. 

In his own words: “This album was an exercise in restriction. 
Sometimes limiting oneself to a few options can inspire you to make 
interesting choices otherwise not immediately apparent in a larger, freer 

Released August 3, 2018