Infinite: Onda1

Onda1 Infinite album, Sneer Records, Beyonder Publishing

Onda1's follow up to his debut, Above, finds him exploring the realms of the cosmos with a trunk full of modern funk created with a minimal touch. Recorded at The Funktorium during a brief visit to Earth by Brett Eclectic, each cut was created with Onda1 laying each track by playing straight through with no [...]

OuttaMyHead: Modern Modern’s debut release

ModernModern is an emerging project pioneered by musicians Jineanne Coderre and DADPNTS (Joel DeLeon). Hailing from California’s Central Coast, the duo weaves an urban blend of R&B, Hip-Hop, Funk, Pop, and Electro-Soul with their first EP OuttaMyHead. OuttaMyHead delivers dark and seductive stories of desire, vulnerability, and dystopia through hypnotic rhythms, sultry chords and passionate [...]

Read Brett Eclectic’s album release featured on Funkadelic Threads

This is not your papa’s classic throwback; this is conscious lyrics over driving groove instrumentation akin electronic dance production. Check out Funkadelic Threads' write-up of Brett Eclectic's new release, The Funktorium Archives, available at or your favorite digital store. Amazon | iTunes | Google Play | Tidal | Spotify and more.